Wearing Prints in Corporate Settings?

Are you drooling over a floral print dress but worried if it will fit into your office dress code? Are you pondering over the idea of adding a dash of color to your otherwise monotonous office wardrobe? Well, guess what? You’re not alone. Many women struggle to strike the harmony between looking professional and expressing their personality through their office attire. Let’s conquer this hurdle together!

Bringing the Casual into the Corporate: A Balancing Act

Many of you may feel that your office attire should strictly adhere to a formal tone, leaving no room for any experimentation. However, it’s crucial to remember that dressing for work doesn’t necessarily mean you have to abandon your personal style. With the right approach, adding some casual elements to your corporate wardrobe may not only be possible, but encouraged!

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Plunging into this realm, you may wonder how you can subtly incorporate prints into your work attire. The first step is to understand the type of prints that work well in a corporate setting. Floral prints, geometric patterns, and small animal prints can be tasteful additions to your office wardrobe. On the other hand, loud prints such as big polka dots or cartoon characters may not give off the professional vibe you are going for.

Next, consider the color palette. Classic, muted colors often work best in professional environments. You could opt for a print in shades of grey, navy, or beige. If you’re feeling more adventurous, a small, tasteful print in a brighter color, like a cobalt blue or emerald green, may also work.

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Sprucing Up your Business Attire with Prints

Now that you have a basic understanding of choosing the right prints, let’s delve deeper into how you can incorporate them into your business attire. The key is to blend in your printed items seamlessly with your existing wardrobe.

Shirts and blouses are a great starting point. A delicate floral print blouse paired with a dark monochromatic skirt or trouser can create a balanced, professional look. If you’re hesitant about wearing a printed shirt, consider wearing a solid colored blazer over it to tone down the print.

Dresses with small, subtle prints are another excellent choice. They offer a refreshing change from the usual solid colored apparels yet maintain a professional appeal. Just ensure the dress style is appropriate – neither too short nor excessively tight.

Adding a Dash of Color with Accessories

If you’re still apprehensive about incorporating prints into your main outfit, accessories can be your best friend. You can add color and prints to your formal attire with ties, scarves, or even shoes.

A small floral print scarf tied around your neck or a geometric print tie can add a vibrant touch to your look. However, be mindful of the colors. It’s best to coordinate the color of your accessory with one of the other items in your outfit. For example, if you’re wearing a navy blue skirt, consider a scarf with a hint of the same shade.

Shoes, although often overlooked, can also serve as a unique canvas for prints. A pair of leopard print flats or floral printed pumps can add a fun twist to your look without being too distracting.

Prints and Dress Codes: Navigating through the Norms

We now have a fair idea of incorporating prints into business attire, but it’s also essential to be aware of your office dress code. What’s accepted in a creative agency might not be suitable for a law firm. Therefore, understanding your office culture and dress code norms is crucial before you decide to revamp your wardrobe with prints.

Start slow, perhaps by wearing a printed blouse on a casual Friday. Gauge the reaction of your colleagues. If it’s positive, you could gradually start incorporating more prints into your office attire.

Lastly, remember that while dressing up for work, your comfort is of paramount importance. No matter how stylish or professional an outfit may seem, if it doesn’t feel comfortable, it might not be the right choice for you.

Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Prints to Work

With all this information, we’ll now explore some general do’s and don’ts of wearing prints to work. Here’s a quick rundown to help you make the right choices.


  • Choose subtle, small prints for a professional look.
  • Coordinate the colors in your outfit.
  • Ensure that the style of the clothing is appropriate for a corporate setting.
  • Consider the office dress code before incorporating prints.
  • Start with accessories if you’re hesitant about prints.


  • Avoid loud, distracting prints.
  • Don’t overwhelm your outfit with too many printed items.
  • Don’t ignore the comfort factor while choosing your attire.
  • Don’t stray too far from your personal style.

Remember, the transition to introducing prints into your office attire should feel effortless and comfortable. It’s all about merging your personal style with the company’s culture to create a wardrobe that you love and feel confident in. After all, your work attire is an extension of your professional identity!

Embrace the change and let your floral and subtle prints make a unique style statement in your office. So, go ahead and experiment! Who knows, you might just set a new trend in your workplace.

The Role of Prints in Business Casual and Business Formal Dress Code

Understanding the distinction between business casual and business formal dress codes is critical, as it can influence the type and extent of prints you can incorporate into your work attire.

The business casual dress code offers a bit more flexibility and allows for a greater range of creativity with your prints. This style is popular in less traditional industries like tech, advertising, and fashion. Here, you could venture into more daring prints like larger floral patterns, stripes, or even checks. A printed dress shirt paired with a solid coloured blazer and trousers could make an excellent business casual outfit. Accessories like a floral print pocket square or a geometric print tie can also be great additions.

On the other hand, the business formal dress code is more strict and is usually followed in industries like law, finance, and corporate settings. Here, the key is subtlety. Small, muted prints like delicate floral patterns on a blouse, or a tie with a muted stripe or check pattern, can add a hint of personality to your formal business attire without being too distracting.

In both dress codes, the golden rule is simplicity and coordination. Whether you’re dressing for a casual Friday or a formal business meeting, balance and harmony in your outfit are crucial. Overdoing prints can steal attention away from your professional abilities and make you look less serious about your job. So essentially, when it comes to prints, less is more.

Always remember, your office wear is a reflection of your professional image. By incorporating prints tastefully, you can express your personality while maintaining a professional appearance.

How to Wear Prints for a Job Interview

A job interview is a formal setting where first impressions matter greatly. While it’s important to express your individuality, it’s equally important to adhere to the company’s dress codes and standards. When it comes to prints, they can be a bit tricky in an interview setting. However, with the right strategy, you can wear prints without compromising your professional image.

A classic choice is a small floral print blouse or shirt paired with a solid colour suit. This not only adds a touch of personality but also maintains a formal tone. The same applies to dresses. A knee-length dress in a subtle print paired with a solid blazer can create a polished look.

Men can consider wearing a subtly patterned tie or pocket square. However, avoid wearing both at the same time, as it can be overwhelming.

No matter what you wear, ensure it’s comfortable and makes you feel confident. Avoid wearing new clothes for the first time on the day of the interview. Wear them a few times before to ensure they fit well and you feel at ease in them.

Always remember to keep your prints minimal and tasteful. You want to be remembered for your skills and qualifications, not your daring fashion choices.

When it comes to prints, it’s all about striking a balance between personal style and corporate norms. So, don’t be afraid to experiment subtly with prints. With the right choices, you might just set a new trend in your workplace!


Introducing prints into your business attire can seem like a daunting task, but with some knowledge and a bit of confidence, it can be an exhilarating journey of self-expression and style exploration. Whether it’s a floral print blouse under a business suit or a subtly patterned pocket square peeking out from a blazer, prints can add a dash of personality and vibrancy to your otherwise mundane office wear.

However, it’s critical to remember the importance of balance and appropriateness for your workplace. Always consider your company’s culture, dress codes, and the occasion when deciding on wearing prints.

In the end, your comfort should take precedence over everything else. If you don’t feel comfortable in your outfit, you won’t be able to carry it with confidence. Your work attire should be an extension of your professional identity, so it’s important to choose outfits that resonate with who you are as an individual and as a professional.

So, go ahead and welcome prints into your corporate wardrobe. Remember, fashion is all about expressing your individuality. So, don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through your office attire. After all, you might just be the trendsetter your office was waiting for!

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