3 Tips to keep your jewellery longer

If you want to store your jewellery, you can't afford to miss out on jewellery boxes. You can now order the jewellery boxes you need to look after your jewellery on the Evry Jewels website. Contrary to popular belief, it's not easy to make do with just one jewellery box when you have several pieces of jewellery. Even with jewellery boxes with several compartments, there is a significant risk of not taking care of each piece of jewellery specifically.

To be intentional in the way you store your jewellery, you'll probably also need other specific storage items such as a wall-mounted jewellery holder, a jewellery tree or a baguier.

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Organising your jewellery according to type

Keeping your jewellery in good condition over time is also a question of tidying and organisation. To begin with, you need to take the time to organise your jewellery into the following 4 categories: necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings.

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Tidying up your necklaces

Here are a few common tips to prevent necklaces from getting mixed up too often:

Store your necklaces and pendants separately to make them easier to identify;

Hang your necklaces individually on a hook or on a jewellery tree;

Keep your precious necklaces in fabric pouches to protect them from knocks and damage.

Storing bracelets

As a general rule, chain bracelets can be stored in the same way as necklaces to prevent them from tangling together and forming knots. We recommend using fabric pouches to store chain bracelets, or hanging them from a jewellery tree.

As for rigid bracelets, the best solution is to arrange them neatly in a bracelet holder so you can keep an eye on them.

Storing rings

Rings are often more easily lost than other items of jewellery. So, from now on, always keep your rings in the cases supplied when you buy them. Otherwise, keep them in a special compartment in your jewellery box. Don't forget to buy a ring stand for your costume rings.

Keeping earrings tidy

Always keep your pair of earrings together by attaching each pair to the other or storing them individually in a pouch. The ideal tip for dangling earrings is to hang them from a wall-mounted jewellery holder.

Store your jewellery according to material

Each material requires special care if it is to be stored properly. For example, gold jewellery is more likely to get scratched by being in close proximity to other jewellery. They should therefore be stored in individual pouches. 

Silver jewellery wears easily in damp conditions and in contact with rubber. So keep them dry and in individual pockets. Jewellery set with precious stones should be kept in its original location or stored in a jewellery box. It is recommended that jewellery set with precious stones be kept in its original location or stored in a jewellery box.

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